Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eastside Extended: Review of Fall City Roadhouse

I just came across a great review and interview about the Fall City Roadhouse in the archives of one of my favorite local blogs, Cherie Picked. Cherie always uses just the right words to accurately describe the vibe of a place and also has a great photographic eye!

I too have an affinity for the Snoqualmie Valley having spent a considerable amount of time criss-crossing it, getting to know alot of the local businesses at a previous job. Cherie is spot-on when she says,

"I loved this area…I loved how rural and mountainous it felt. I loved that the land opened up and farm plots quickly replaced business complexes, pick-up trucks outnumbered BMW’s, tobacco was more common than chewing gum."

I don't miss the job very much, but I do miss the feeling I got when commuting from Redmond on 202, right when the speed limit drops down before you enter the small downtown of Fall City. It's like you are stepping back into time; when life was a few beats slower and alot simpler.

Having a few encounters with Chef Orel and the owners of the Fall City Roadhouse myself, it is obvious they have alot of good things going on. Cherie mentions Chef Orel's focus on local seasonal ingredients and creative approach to menu planning, to name just a few.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the the Roadhouse yet, make a day of it and check out Snoqualmie Falls and Remlinger Farms, before they shut down Nov. 25th.

Fall City Roadhouse
4200 Preston Fall City Road
Fall City, WA 98024
(425) 222-4800

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