Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review of "Cooked or Be Cooked" for the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo is a Japanese company with U.S Headquarters here on the Eastside in Redmond. The Food Network's Cooked or Be Cooked is a video game available for the Nintendo Wii. It is only fair and unbiased news reporting that I share with you a review I read this morning on the Food Network Addict blog.

The review had one line that stuck out to me:
"Food Network was nice enough to include the recipes in the game manual so you can actually cook them in real life. "

It may be a Michael Pollan-esque discussion, but I don't really understand the entire point of a cooking game. If you want to mimic the act of cooking, your kitchen is probably a better place to do that rather than in front of your TV! And the fact that the "real" recipes are provided in the manual so you can actually make them? Why not just make the real recipe to begin with and actually be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It's like watching a chef cook on television, but instead you do all the work and you still can't eat the food!

Am I missing something here?

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